Jumat, 23 Maret 2012

Sheinside Giveaway

Hi there! Giveaway on this blog --> .a little princess

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Lovely Lue's Giveaway

Hi, there is a giveaway on Lovely Lue's blog !

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Jumat, 09 Maret 2012

Sponsored Giveaway

Hey, wanna giveaway from pygmalion fashion ?

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Frkbilmerke's Giveaway

Want giveaway from FrkBilmerke's blog ?

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Wish me luck ^^

Minggu, 19 Februari 2012

Inspired by beauty's giveaway

Inspired by beauty's blog is celebrate 1000+ followers by giving a giveaway for you !

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Good Luck!

Wish me luck, amien ! :)

Frkbilmerke's Giveaway

I am happy when I know Frkbilmerke's Blog is giving giveaway. I join it and I hope I win it !!

If you wanna join, just click this link then you will connect to her blog. Read the rules how to win it !
Good Luck!!

Wish me luck, amien :)

Jumat, 17 Februari 2012

LensVillage Blog's First Giveaway

LensVillage Blog is giving a giveaway.

This is the first time for her.
You know what, up to TEN people may win it !!!! :D
Hwaaa, I hope I am one of them. XOXO

You can join it by click this Link !
Good Luck ! And wish me luck !!!! ^^,

Hanna Anindhita's First Giveaway

Hi !  Hanna Anindhita is giving a giveaway for 4 lucky persons. I join it and I hope that I am one of the lucky person :)

Are you the lucky one ? You can join and check it, just clink on this link : Hanna Anindhita's First Giveaway and read the step .
Good luck, and wish me luck. Hahaha :D

Sheilla's Blog's Giveaway

sheillablog.com is giving a giveaway,

I hope that I win i
Sheilla, please choose me *.* hehehe

You can join to this contest too, just click on this link and you will connect to the site.
Read the step how to win it. Good Luck and wish me luck ^^,

Kamis, 16 Februari 2012

Planner Giveaway !

I hope i win the giveaway from this blog : marysza.blogspot.com

If you want, just click this link and read about the terms and conditions how to win the giveaway!
I hope that i'll be a winner **, amiin !

Giveaway : Jan - Feb 2012

I wanna i wanna i wanna !
I wanna body butter giveaway from pygmalionfashion.
Hope that I get it, amiin ^^,

If you want, you can check it on the link below and read about terms and conditions how to win it!
Giveaway : Jan - Feb 2012


I love fashion, and i love make up too. Make Up Spell akan membagikan hadiah - hadiah berupa alat makeup. Please give me one *.*
If you want this giveaway too, you can check it in the blog. Just click the link below and read about term and condition how to win the giveaway!


I hope I get one , please pray for me too . Hahaha